About Us

Class is in session. Interdependent Study is a podcast about the learning and unlearning work for social justice and collective liberation. 

Interdependent Study is hosted by Damien Franze, an angry Black man from Baltimore who wears his heart on his sleeve, and Aaron Hood, an angry white man from Florida who is always thinking. We’re two friends who work in education and share a commitment to social justice. 

We believe that we are always learning; always arriving. People constantly learn and unlearn by reflecting on their experiences. Interdependent Study is designed to be a community for this work.

Check out Interdependent Study wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. We’re publishing a new episode each week.

Damien Franze

What up! I was born and raised in Baltimore and now live in College Park, MD. I work in higher education in student affairs administration, and my career has been focused on cultivating student leaders and creating programs and opportunities for college students to learn, grow, and develop to their fullest potential.

As a Black man living in America, the work of social justice and collective liberation is deeply personal to me. I’m angry and I’m tired, but I’m also inspired by the activism and push for a society where there is no doubt that Black Lives Matter. Aaron is one of my best friends and I love our friendship because he truly believes in and gets this work. I truly hope that our conversations on this podcast help to inspire others in this work.

Outside of my professional work in higher education and bringing this awesome podcast to life, some of my favorite things to do include hanging out with my amazing family and friends, playing games, drinking craft beer, watching sports, running, and making folks laugh and feel loved.

Aaron Hood

Hey y’all, I grew up in Florida and now call College Park, MD home. I work in higher education, specifically student affairs, and I have been infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion work into my formal job descriptions for my entire career. So when Damien and I started talking about creating a podcast, discussing social justice and collective liberation felt like where we had to take this. Our friendship has been built on having conversations just like these and we recognize that this is ongoing work that we all need to do.

I also do a variety of work with Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation (yeah, we’re working on a new name) which is a national network that mobilizes white men to learn, grow, and take action against white supremacy and patriarchy. Sometimes I write things on my own website and hope to write more there in 2021.

When I have free time, I play guitar, read, run, practice yoga and meditation, and support Manchester United and DC United.

Most importantly I’m a dad to Molly and a husband to Laura. They are both remarkable human beings who bring a lot of joy to my life and I appreciate them both so much.