Episode 4: It’s Over and It’s Not

It’s difficult to discuss the impact of the 2020 U.S. presidential election–and all of the events and years surrounding it–on our country and our everyday lives. In our fourth episode, we talk all about the election, inauguration, insurrection, and more from the lenses of social justice and collective liberation. Find episode 4 here and in your favorite podcast app.

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  1. Great commication between you both. Trump is a bully. We voted in person as we saved our stickers. The future of every little girl is so much brighter. Every white, black and brown girl can and will continue to become another VP. There will be a woman POTUS in my lifetine.. It is just the beginning. Finally a new Year. We all need to seek a brighter way to improve what’s around us. Get outside our cknfort zone.

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